SMS Gateway Address List

Hey Folks, I often get messages about different sms gateway addresses for Canadian Carriers, Specifically Nova Scotia. Here is a list. Also, anytime you need to find a new address that is not in IAR simply google " SMS Gateway Address for "xyz company" " and it should come up.

Please note that, some providers (such as Fido & Rogers) are forcing the recipient to pay an extra monthly fee in order to receive e-mail to text messages. Keep in mind you do not have to have the sms address in to make the app work, so if someone in your department uses rogers or fido they can have push notifications instead of text messages via the IAR app. Truth be told I Highly recommending users download the IAR app anyway for so many additional features

  1. Eastlink -

  2. Bell -

  3. Fido - or (rogers is the parent company)

  4. Virgin -

  5. PC Mobile -

  6. Koodo - (You can also use telus as it is the parent company)

  7. Public Mobile - (telus is the parencet company)

  8. Telus -

  9. Rogers -

  10. Solo - (Bell is the parent Company)